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2.Shato Mukhrani

 Mtskheta is one of the old city of Georgia. It was founded in 5 th century . Due to its historical

significance and several cultural monuments became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Its

population is 7.7 thousand . There you can see theatre, museums, institutes and many

sightseeings. The city has a railway station, fast foods, good national markets, where you can

buy national fruits, vegetables, honey, churchkhela and other foods.

 Jvari Monastery- It was built in 6 th century. It is located in the east part of Mtskheta, at the

confluence of the rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi, on the rocky mountain top, overlooking the tower

of the Mtskheta. It is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. According to traditional accounts,

on this location in the early 4 th century Saint Nino, a female Evangelist credited with converting

King Mirian III of Georgia to Christianity erected a large wooden cross on the site of a pagan

temple. The cross repotedly able to work miracles and therefore drew pilgrims from all over the


 Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is an Orthodoxy cathedral located in the historical town of Mtskheta,

20km from Tbilisi. A masterpiece of the Early Middle Ages (11 th century). It is currently the

second largest church building in Georgia, after the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Known as the burial site of Christ’s mantle and Saint Ilia prophet’s pelerine. Svetitskhoveli has

long been one of the the principal Georgian Orthodox churches and is among the most

venerated places of worship in Georgia. The original church was built in 4 th century A.D. during

the reign of Mirian III of Kartli (Georgia), has been damaged several times during history, notably

by the invasions of Arabs, Persians, Timur, Russian (the Soviet period).

 Samtavro Transfiguration Orthodox Church and Nunnery of St. Nino in Mthskheta, were built in

4 th century by King Mirian III of Kartli (Georgia). The church was reconstructed in 11 th century by

King George I and Catholicos- Patriarch Melkisedek.

The famous Georgian monk Gabriel Salos is buried in the Samtavro Church. The Georgian

Orthodox Church officially confessor and Fool for Christ on 20 December 2012.

Chateau Mukhrani- Fabulous castle and cellars, wonderful gardens and vineyards made Chateau

Mukhrani world- renowned. Chateau Mukhrani is the first Georgian chateau (1512). It is one of

the must-visiting venues to get a fascinating insight into the traditions and secrets of Georgian

wine-making, blended with remarkable stories about the Georgian royal family (the Princes of

Mukhrani Bagrat Bagrationi).After many years, a great political and military figure of the 19 th

century Ivane Mukhrantbatoni interest in farming was greatly enhanced on his trip to France in

1875, where he learned more about the fine art of winemaking of the Bordeaux and Champagne

regions. On his retun home he decided to start producing wonderful Georgian wines on his

forefathers’ Mukhrani estate land.


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     1) comfortable car service 

     2) qualifes guides service 

     3) health insuranse 

     4) 1 bottle water 

     5) free SIM card 

     6) TOUR in shato mukhranbatoni 

      visit castle built in XIX century ,garden , unique underground cellars and stable

       learn about the history of Georgian Royal family Esetate

       discover art of winemaking

       stroll though our vineyards

       visit the winery

       purchase all our finest wines at a special price     

      4 premium wine testing - dry white, dry rose , dry red

        snack: artisanal cheese assortment , georgian bread , churchkhela , spring water


        cucumber & tomato salad with herbs 

        georgian cheese assortment 

        pkhali assortment

        picked vegetable assortment

        pan-fied chicken

        khachapuri (cheese and bread)    

        stewed kidney beans in clay pots

        dolma- grape leaves rolls      

        pork (8 pieces)

       fried potato

        fired mushrooms with sulguni on clay pots

        shoti (georgian bread)

        sour plum sause

        fruit assortment

        limonade (2btl)

        spring water bakuriani (2btl)         

      culinary master classes ( additional price) 

churchkhela making  

                                                               number of guests          10     20     30     40     50     60     70     80     90     100

                                                               price on grouP              140   160    230   250    270   290    310   330    350    370 

bread baking in tone  

                 number of guests          10     20     30      40     50     60      70      80      90     10

                                                                price on group              140   160   230     250   270    290    310     330     350   370 

 chacha distillation 

                                                                number of guests           10     20     30     40     50     60     70     80     90     10

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khinkali making 

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khachapuri making 

                                                                number of guests          10     20    30     40    50     60      70       80      90     100

                                                                price on group              140   170   250   340   370    400    430     520     550    580