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What awaits you

Picturesque Borjomi
A road through a fantastically beautiful gorge will lead you to Borjomi: you will walk around the city center, visit a park where Emperor Nicholas II and his family rest every year, see a monument to Prometheus and a pretty waterfall, and also climb the cable car to the plateau from which they open stunning views of the surroundings. Of course, we’ll talk about the famous “mineral water”, which is mined in the valley of the same name located in the territory of the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. I will tell you about the results of archaeological excavations that shed light on the history of local mineral water, and right from the source you can taste the world famous water.


Medieval fortress Rabat
You will get acquainted with one of the most expressive and colorful monuments of Georgia, literally absorbing the energy of both cultures: the fortress was the most important transit point between the Christian and Muslim worlds. You will examine the halls of the palace, decorated in the old Georgian style, and the impressive size of the fortress itself and the richness of decoration should not leave you indifferent. I will tell you about the foundation of Rabat, its name and explain the significance of Akhaltsikhe in the history of Georgia.


Cave Vardzia
The ancient complex of Vardzia is not just carved into the rock premises. This cave fortress is a monastery built not far from Tbilisi in the 12th century. The extraordinary city has 13 levels and more than 500 rooms: churches, chapels, residential cells, pantries, baths, refectories, treasuries, libraries. The rooms go 50 meters in depth and rise to a height of eight floors, in addition, secret passages that connected the premises, the remains of the water supply and irrigation system are preserved. During the tour you will explore every corner of Vardzia and find out what purpose the rock city was built and what functions it performed throughout the history of its existence. And on the way to the ancient complex you will see a wonderful panorama of the perfectly preserved Khertvisi fortress.


As a result, you will learn a lot of interesting things not only about the sights included in the program, but also about the cities that you will meet along the way, get acquainted with the legendary and mysterious places of ancient Georgia, enjoy the natural beauties and discover important episodes of Georgian history that will help you better understand our country.


Organizational Details

The total distance along the route is about 560 km.
The tour is conducted in a comfortable minivan or in a minibus, depending on the number of participants.
Lunch and entrance fees are not included in the price of the tour.
The tour runs all day and takes at least 12-13 hours with the road, so the start of the tour at 08:00 in the morning.
Due to the sufficiently long duration of the trip and serious physical exertion during the tour, it is undesirable to go on a trip with children under 10 years old, as well as those who have health problems, fear of heights and closed
The price includes: 1) convenient car service
2) the services of qualified guides
3) health insurance
4) 1 bottle of water
Not included in the price: entrance ticket to Borjomi park - 2 lari, bathing in the sulfur springs of Borjomi - 5 lari, ticket to the historical part in the passport of Rabati - 7 lari. Entrance ticket to Vardzia-7 GEL. Lunch, dinner, wine tasting,
What to bring with you: in summer: a bathing suit, beach shoes, a towel, a light autumn jacket, in winter: warm clothes and comfortable shoes, a camera, of course, a good mood! (Attention, an individual tour includes swimming in the pool, in the sulfur springs of Borjomi)
Place where the excursion starts: Tbilisi Vakhtang Gorgasali No. 3
How to get there
Transport: if you take group excursions, then your transport is a mini bus (Mercedes Sprinter). If you take an individual tour, you will be served by mini veins.
Excursion from Tbilisi to Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Vardzia

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1-3         People   129          8 127    per group
4-7         People   159         10 017   per group
8-10       People   229         14 426   per group
11-19     People   449         28 285   per group

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