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Stepantsminda (former Kazbegi) - The small town of Kazbegi district. Terek River valley, at the foot of the glacier at an altitude of 1750 meters. It vladikavkazidandashorebulia city 46 kilometers.

Zhinvali Reservoir - Reservoir in eastern Georgia, Dusheti, Zhinval north. Located in the middle reaches of the River. Situated between the Alevi, Gudamakari Kartli and ranges. An area of 11.5 square kilometers.

Ananuri - Feudal Age (XVI-XVIII centuries) in the village of Ananuri fortress.

Gudauri - ski resort in Kazbegi municipality, southern slopes of Caucasus, 120 km from Tbilisi, at an altitude of 2196 meters. The 2014 census, the village lives 54 adamiani.satkhilamuro season lasts from December to April.

One of rhe healing mineral waters in kazbegi

Friends Âèêà_200 arch-year truce Treaty agsanishnavad built in the area (1783).

Gergeti - Georgian architectural complex surrounded by a fence in Kazbegi district, at an altitude of 2200 meters. The complex includes a domed Holy Trinity Cathedral (XIV century 30-ies), the bell tower (XIV century II) and living quarters (XV century).

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