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Mestia (Svaneti tower) - Museum of defensive structure prevalent in the region, typically 20-25 meters in height. Consisting of 4-5, or rarely 6 floors. The lower floor, the walls are 1.5 meters thick,

Svan towers UNESCO World Heritage sites. In addition, in 2011 the stone architecture of the international contest.

Ushguli - Mestia Museum Europe ertrti high settlement communities in the municipality. Consists of 4 villages: zhibiani, chvibiani, murqmeli, chazha (community center).

Uzeum made in 6 exhibition halls. History begins with a trip to the region of archeological material, at the numismatic cabinet. The halls of the Christian treasures, displays IX-XVIII centuries, the world importance such masterpieces as: Forty Sebastian Martyrs icon, embroidered Byzantine icon, Venetian Cross, Queen donated by jug painted manuscript that survived the earliest sample - Adishi Gospels, 897 . etc. The last gallery is dedicated to the rich ethnographic material.

Rope - splendid view Tetnuldi.



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