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What awaits you
The Lost World of Martvili Canyon
You will find yourself in one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in western Georgia - Martvili canyon, where the great king of united Georgia, David the Builder, spent his childhood. For thousands of years, water has made its way into a soft limestone rock to create this natural miracle that will take you into a fairy-tale world far from civilization. You will sail in a boat along the cliffs, you will see an underground river that turns into a waterfall at the exit of the canyon, and you can also see the fossils preserved in the depths of the canyon.

Descent to the cave of Prometheus
Of the thousands of caves of Imereti, the cave of Prometheus is the largest and most impressive. Inside you will be amazed at the forms of stalactites and stalagmites, which form frozen stone waterfalls, breathe in the healing air and see underground lakes, on the surface of which the sunlight never hit. And then you can swim out of the cave by boat along the channel of the underground river.

Cultural features and legends of Georgia
During the trip we will talk about the peculiarities of the Georgian people, kinship and the origin of the Georgian language. You will find out who the cartons are, hear the local legends, touch the heritage of the Colchian culture that inspired the Greeks to create the myth of the Argonauts, and try to guess what they transported in the amphoras found at the bottom of Lake Paliastomi (the Greek word meaning “old fortress”) . And I will talk about the mythical city of Phasis and take you across the border of East and West, passing along the Rioni River.

Organizational details
Additional expenses: entrance tickets (Martvili Canyon - 17 GEL per person, Prometheus Cave - 23 GEL), boat trips (Martvili Canyon - 15 GEL, Prometheus Cave - 17 GEL), lunch (optional for lunch).
transportation and drinking water are included in the cost of the tour.
The tour can also start from Batumi.
On Mondays, the entrance to the canyon is closed.
Book a tour on any of the available days on the calendar
This is an individual tour in Russian, the guide will conduct it for you and your company

Included in cost:
1) convenient auto repair
2) services of qualified guides
3) health insurance
4) 1 bottle of water
Not included in the price:
The price does not include a boat ride through the canyon, meals,
entrance ticket to the cave of Prometheus 23 GEL and boat 17 GEL, entrance ticket to Martvili canyen 17 GEL. boat 15 lari.
What to take with you:
in the summer: a bathing suit, beach shoes, a towel, a photo-support, of course, a good mood!
Starting point for the tour:
G. Tbilisi Vakhtangi Gorgasali № 3a
How to get there?
if you are traveling in a place with a group, then you will have a VIP class Mercedes sprinter. If you are traveling individually, then you will have a mini vein !!!
Excursion from Tbilisi to Kutaisi, Pishera Promet, Canyon Martvili


1-3 people 139 8 739 per group
4-6 people 169 10 625 per group
8-10 people 249 15 654 per group
11-19 people 399 25 084 per group
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