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Telavi - a municipality and city in Georgia, Gombori Northeast slope bottom and Alazani valley located.

cinandali-(wain tasting is possible)  village in the municipality. gombori located in the north - eastern slope an altitude of 560 m.10 km from telavi.

Alaverdi - cathedrals and monasteries. Alaverdi Eparchy. Is underway in the village. Alaverdi (Akhmeta district), 20 km from Telavi on.
Alaverdi Monastery VI century was founded by Joseph Alaverdeli. XI century Kvirike kakhta King St. Alaverdi. George built a small church in the place of the cathedral, which is mainly known as Alaverdi.

Graham - Georgian Orthodox Church, located in the Municipal district of the village. Gremisaghmosavletit citadel, high on a hill. Built in 1565 by King Levan of Kakheti. In 1577, he finished the painting.

Nekresi - Monastery in the region, located in the municipality of the current village. Shildi near the Caucasus Mountains branch.
Founded by King Pharnajom (c. AD. II-I cc.). IV century king of Iberia Thrdat built a church here, where the VI century, established Abibos Nekreseli. His time was Nekresi Episcopal (XIX century it existed). Shio of the "Assyrian mamatgania", who came to Georgia in the middle of the VI century, Christianity spread and the establishment of.

Build Ujarma periods lll-lV centuries,the king s reing aspaguirs considered.To rebuild, strengthen discipline and Vakhtang Vakhtang Dachi. The Citadel was built in the time of their powerful and durable kedlbit towers, palaces and churches. After Vakhtang V- sun century fortress in one of his residence, the fortified town has undergone a revival. IV-VIII centuries a significant role in the history of the fortress.