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Xevsureti (2-day tour)
  Here you will find the ancient and traditional habitat koshebs hotel can also spend the night in traditional dishes dagmovneba Horseback riding and others.

Khevsureti readers interested in the region are in the interesting information about the offer.
"Khevsureti" The name of this mountain side, due to the location of khevebiani sherkmeuli. It is located in the eastern mountainous region, the northern and southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. The Caucasus mountain range divides into two parts - and Reversed Khevsureti.

Khevsureti consists of three gorges: Migkhevi, Shatili and Arkhoti piraketa Khevsureti - Aragvi gorge.

Khevsureti north of Chechnya and Ingushetia, to the east - Tusheti, to the west - and Gudamaqari ravine south - Pshavi. Modern administrative-territorial division, includes the entire territory of Khevsureti Mtskheta Municipality and the Municipal four temadaa divided Barisakho, Gudani, Shatili and Arkhoti.